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Horses Foaled By 'Liam's Chancee'

Dapple Dan

Dan is a rare find. He is homozygous for the black gene and and the silver gene. Every time you breed a mare to Dan the foal will be a silver dapple, guaranteed!...

My Chance For Chocolate

My Apache Man X Liam's Chancee...

Fancy Chancy

Beautiful black filly with four white socks. Great color and conformation!...

Summer Silver

This lit up little guy hit the ground on the first day of Summer. He will be a beautiful silver dapple with a white mane and tail and all kinds of chrome. Foals from his mother have went on to ma...

Don't Chance My Chocolate

No description available yet

Chancy Nancy

No description available yet

Dapples Will Do

No description available yet

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