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'16 Colt of Dinah

No description available yet

'16 Colt of Rose Bud's JD Delight

No description available yet

'16 Colt of ZZ Hershey Chocolate

No description available yet

'16 Filly of She's A Little Tipsy

No description available yet

'16 Filly of Sweet Jazz Reward

No description available yet

A Busy Man

By the Titleist and out of a World Champion Aged mare. This colt could not be bred any better!...

A Lovely Star

Gorgeous black and white mare with the sweetest disposition! She is broke for pretty much anyone. She is also homozygous for the tobiano gene....

A Major in Business

2009 Four Year Old World Champion Mare. 2010 Reserve World Champion Aged Mare. What more is there to say? She is black, beautiful, and amazingly talented....

A Picture of Innocence

One of the most beautiful Walking Horse mares in existence. She is by WGC, Out on Parole....

A Trigger Happy Girl

This mare consistently produces some of the nicest palomino foals that we raise. She passes on her deep golden color, thick mane and tail, and good conformation. She is a direct daughter of Trip My...


This beautiful bay filly is 1/8 Friesian and 7/8 Walking Horse. She is gaited very well and has some very Friesian characteristics. She has a high neck neck-set and a lush mane and tail....

Abraham Lincoln

No description available yet

All Color Holiday

Beautiful direct daughter of Pusher All Color and a proven producer of outstanding foals. This mare passes on both natural talent and a good disposition to her foals. ...

Apple Jackie

Rare bay silver TWH filly. ...

Arrow's Dakota Dude

"Dude' is a beautiful bay stallion with outstanding genetics! He is homozygous black and homozygous agouti. This means that everyone of his foals will carry a black and an agouti gene. When bre...


Gorgeous gaited draft cross. This beautiful filly is 1/4 Clydesdale, 1/8 Friesian, and 5/8 Walking Horse. We are excited about this cross and expect her to make an incredible addition to our progr...


Beautiful lit up gelding with a fancy way of going....


Arguably the best bred silver dapple you can find. This filly is out of a full blood sister to Jose Jose....

Bitty's Pushin' the Rock

Beautifully marked black and white mare with a sweet disposition....


One of the most beautiful TWH stallions alive! Midnight Sun top and bottom and that old TWH look. He is practically a TWH in a Friesian's body. Blackwine is a product of a longtime breeding prog...

Blue Highlights

Gorgeous blue and white filly with plenty of substance and refinement. This filly is a gorgeous gaited combination!...

Blue Sister

Gorgeous blue filly out of blue ribbon winning mare. This filly will be a great prospect for flatshod showing or the trail....


No description available yet

Buckie Mae

"Buckie Mae" is a double agouti cremello mare. She is very well built and she is going to have a plush mane and tail like her mother. She is a wonderful broodmare in the making....

Charms Secret Beauty

Beauty is a gorgeous homozygous spotted mare with a sweet disposition. She is an easy keeper and a great mother. She also has a nice racking gear and we look forward to raising fast gaited spotte...

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