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Arrow's Dakota DudeSold

"Dude' is a beautiful bay stallion with outstanding genetics! He is homozygous black and homozygous agouti. This means that everyone of his foals will carry a black and an agouti gene. When bred to a cremello or perlino mare, Dude can only produce buckskins! He will also guarantee you a bay out of a black or chestnut mare. Dude has a nice gait and he is just the right size with plenty of substance. Dude also has a beautiful set of ears and a nice blaze! He also has no "Pride" on his papers. This makes him a great cross for almost anything!

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Detailed Profile

  • Name:    Arrow's Dakota Dude
  • Color:    Bay
  • Height:    14.3
  • Birthdate:    06-19-2004
  • Breed:    TWHBEA
  • Registration:    20410798
  • Type:    Stallion
  • Stud Fee:    $300.00
  • Sire:    Arrows Dakota Gold
  • Dam:    Jubals Bright Angel