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Lodging Info

We encourage everyone looking to stay the night to call ahead of time and make reservations. Information about nearby locations can be found at http://bigsouthfork.org/Lodging

Also, If you're coming from I-40, your best option may be to stay off exit 317 in Crossville, approximately 45 minutes from Saddle Brook Stables.

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SBS Welcomes Multi-WC Gens Johnny Walker Red

Saddle Brook Stables is so excited to announce their recent acquisition of Gens Johnny Walker Red.  Johnny has won countless titles and he is a gorgeous stallion!  He has proven himself as a sire although he has only been bred on a very limited basis.  Stop by and see him!

Zen Horseman

Combining science and spirituality, Dr. Allan Hamilton, author of Zen Mind, Zen Horse, offers tips for strengthening your bond with your horse and becoming a more effective horseman. By Debbie Moors     “There’s a reason why horses are able to connect so intimately with u...