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Horses Foaled By 'ZZ Hershey Chocolate'


The only silver dapple son of Jose' Jose'. This colt will be a stunning chocolate color with a white mane and tail. With his looks and breeding he is one of a kind!...

Kennedy Chocolate

Gorgeous silver dapple filly by WGC, JFK and out of a beautiful silver dapple mare. This filly will only get prettier as she ages....

Lots of Chocolate

Silver dapple stud colt with every quality you could ask for! An outstanding sire in the making directly by WGC, JFK!...


Homozygous black and homozygous silver stud colt. Every time you cross this colt with a mare he will produce a silver dapple. These genetics are very rare within the breed! If you arel looking t...

'17 Colt of ZZ Hershey Chocolate

No description available yet

Something Chocolate

No description available yet

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